Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Bus In Time

This is the first of hopefully a new series I thought I'd begin about my adventures on TheBus. I know it doesn't sound very exciting but I already have a list of things I'd like to write about. Protocol, interesting characters and good bus drivers are all waiting for the spotlight.

With gas prices rising and parking availability falling, combined with my dislike of driving, I decided to take the bus this semester. Oh, and the deal on the U-Pass, the bus pass specially priced for university students, is unbeatable. It's already paid off for me and I've got one more month left to use it, with only one "class" to go to this semester.

I didn't come to this semester as a newbie bus rider. When I was younger and my grandma stayed with us, we rode the bus. In h.s., I got around on the bus whenever my parents couldn't give me a ride in the summer [picture days and MB practices, I never needed summerschool]. Initially, I went away for college and caught the bus between L.A. and Burbank a few times. Most recently, for my practicum semesters in OR and CA, I took the public transit everywhere [I love the transit in OR, it's so easy!]. I could write so much about riding the bus in OR and CA alone, but that'll be for some other time. So, I am not entirely new to the bus passenger role.

So concludes the introductory piece. The semester's already over. Finals are this week. Colt Brennan and Kari Gregory (I think) will be walking on Sunday. I'll be on the bus again next semester with stories lined up from this past semester in case I get stuck for a topic. Maybe this series will get me to write on this blog on a consistent basis; we'll see.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!