Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Don't Know Why... [One Tree Hill With Bonus Loser]

I've been watching One Tree Hill! Bear with me 'cause this will annoy me also. It was the summer, so I was watching the reruns all the way from season one. I must've watched an episode [original airing] here and there, 'cause I remember the ones about the video time capsule thing and Haley and Nathan being married... but otherwise I hadn't really paid attention to them until this year. I'm not caught up yet on what happened last season, anything after Haley and Nathan's second vows.

And the weird thing is that I watch mostly for Brooke. I'm guessing she wasn't originally a main character, but I'm glad she is now, ever since she stayed up all night caring for Peyton who'd been drugged by a college guy.

It's weird because in high school [HS] way, way back when, I was more like Haley, probably still am. I'm very mildly into fashion and clothes; I don't care if I wear the same outfit twice in a row [but then right now I figure I don't see the same people everyday so that's easy]. For the most part, I shop like a guy [try me]. I don't come from a rich family. I did tutor a friend in Geometry, very briefly and I still doubt I really helped any. Otherwise, it was annoying when people asked me for help with homework. I'm just horrible with explaining things to others, can't you tell by this blog? Besides, I didn't always do the homework. I wasn't popular and figured that I go relatively unnoticed. I did feel more comfortable talking to guys, still do. And among many circles, I was known as the pure one.

But if I had Brooke's money, I'd probably spend it mostly on the people I care about, which she often does. And if I looked good in clothes, I'd probably buy more of them. I do remember being cool with the "geeks," that's something.

That's not it though. All promiscuity and drunkenness aside, I suppose I relate more with Brooke. She puts up a front like she's okay, smiling so much that it breaks the heart to see her sad. I definitely understand having major walls up and not wanting to be hurt like before. She's got a big heart, and I hope I do too. It might be nice to be better at taking risks and letting people in though.

I KNOW she's not a real person, she's a character on a SHOW! But in a lot of ways, she's way more interesting than these "real" people on "real"ity shows!

Except for possibly The Biggest Loser. I didn't watch the last couple seasons, but I caught the end of the opener this week, enough to see the weigh ins. The last two people for the blue team was the "small" Asian woman and the "old" grandpa guy. They needed to have lost 25 pounds to win and others didn't think it was possible. The Asian lost 20 lbs!! The most by any of the women from both teams. That's crazy for a woman to lose double digits, but two dimes? So grandpa only needed to have lost 5, but others were nervous, thinking his age would have slowed him. Plus, he's one of the smaller guys. He gets on the scale, and he's lost 30! That's crazy! The biggest loss of any of the guys on both teams!

Well, nah, I'll talk about my "diet" later.