Sunday, August 5, 2007

Up Before Dawn and Feeling Good

Previously I had been going to the gym at night. I like going at night; I'm a nightowl and exercising before bedtime helps me fall asleep faster. Plus, the gym's less crowded from around 10pm.

However, I've decided to see what it's like to be a "morning person." I started to watch the 6pm news instead of the 10pm news, decided that since I rarely go to the movies any more and most celebrities really aren't that interesting that there's no reason to stay up and watch Letterman, and decided to have dinner by 7:30 or go without. My bedtime is roughly between 9 and 10 now. That's the easy part.

The other side of the equation hasn't been so smooth and consistent. Several times, I've been able to drag my butt out of bed between 4:30am and 6 after my alarm went off at 4am. A habitual breakfast skipper through my first quarter-years, I now have a good breakfast, take a few supplements...and don't know what to do with myself for the next several hours.

I could do the dishes, but I'm thinking that people are still sleeping and doing dishes often requires a good level of noise. My neighbors, whose kitchen window is across from my bedroom window, often do the dishes anywhere between 10pm and 2am, keeping me awake or now, waking me up. Between 3 and 4am, someone wakes up and while preparing to go to work, makes a lot of noise crushing ice, I'm assuming, in packing for lunch. As of today, I haven't retrained my thinking to doing the dishes after breakfast.

Since I've been trying this wake up early thing, I haven't been going to the gym...until this past week that is. Getting up at 4am sounds ridiculous until I realize that 1)that's the time my cats try to wake me up anyway, and 2)that gives me up to an hour at the gym and then hand off the car to my mom, which is how I planned my new gym routine.

Wednesday was the first time that I got up, got ready, had breakfast, and headed for the gym. I love 24hour Fitness for being open when I want it to be open! Plus, mine's got a pool and is about 15-mins from my home. I made it on Friday also!

The last period of time that I was going to the gym, I was doing an hour on the elliptical, going over 4 miles. Since it had been a while, this week I did only 45 mins, still pretty much on pace going over 3 miles. I used to do strength training also; I'm gonna work that in this week. On Fri, I also attempted the stairmaster. I've only attempted it once before and lasted only 10 mins, but like my mom said, "that's 10 more minutes than you've done before!" This time, only 2 minutes; I think I should've been on the other stair machine (24hour has 3 different ones) 'cause it was too much pressure on my knees, I couldn't get a good rhythm like the 10 minute trial. Well, it's something to work on.

All in all, waking up before the sun rises isn't so bad. I do feel better when I get my day started early. As for getting more done, well... that's still to be seen.