Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tannya, Please Don't Leave!

I'm referring to Tannya Joaquin of the KHON-2 News. She's not going anywhere that I know of at this time, but the recent behind-the-scenes changes in structure, dealings with ownership, and the moving on of Leslie Wilcox, Tina Shelton, and soon, Ron Mizutani, urged me to write.

I already miss watching Leslie Wilcox at 5pm and Tina Shelton reports. They have great voices for broadcasting. (And they kinda looked like sisters, at least I thought so!)

I still watch at 5pm because (aside from all the tech-difficulties of the new system) the people of KHON still deliver trustworthy professionalism. And, if you didn't guess, I like Tannya Joaquin. I miss her in the morning news. I like Kirk, Trini, and Manolo also, but in my opinion, Tannya really has that "wake up!" sunny voice and personality that helped me start the day. (I like it that Kirk Matthews refers to his wife, also a great news reporter, as "Mrs. Matthews.") At least I can still watch Manolo eat his way through Thursday mornings!

But I have to say, if any member of the news team somehow catches sight of this piece, MAHALO for the good work that you do! With all the hassles and non-compliance of the automated system, others would have expected somebody to blow up on air. It must be like news hazing or news bootcamp. Anyone could see that even Joe Moore was frustrated and upset, but I think his professional example on how to just keep going kept everyone else going.

One of the days, nothing was going right for John Veneri as he delivered the sports. The video would delay or the video was out of sequence to his preparation of the report, he was getting frustrated but he kept going.

Hopefully, the new owners of KHON will realize that it was the people that made KHON the reigning news station in Hawaii. In our 'ohana culture, people are valued more than money or automated anything.

I wish I had a better piece for the news teams of KHON but this is all I will say for now. For those who have moved on to other projects, God bless and good journey!