Monday, May 21, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: This Season's Reality TV

In general I don't understand the machine that is "reality" TV and get very annoyed by it, so I won't go on about the misnomer and all of that. Basically know that I do not like ones in which people win obscene money for being deceitful. I do not like Survivor, all but two seasons of Amazing Race, the Apprentice, Big Brother (? is that the title of the one in the house?)...

I do like the Biggest Loser 'cuz the winner has really accomplished something good. Actually, all participants have accomplished good things, and not just for themselves, but for their family, their friends, their future, their health...

In a previous entry, I wrote about my mild interest in American Idol. Ryan Seacrest really annoys me. All the childish jabs at Simon are really unnecessary. This season actually got my attention and it's mostly due to Melinda Doolittle. I am disappointed that she will not be in the final. I previously said that if Sanjaya got into the top 10, that I would quit watching this season, but I found myself (ignoring Sanjaya) watching for Melinda (and Phil), and guests like Gwen Stefani and Bon Jovi. But now that Melinda's off, I don't care about the finals and can finally quit.

The reality show I really enjoy is Dancing with the Stars. I admire the talents of dancers, especially the ones on the show because they understand their craft to the level that they can teach it as well. And in this show, we get to see the personalities of the stars. Like this season, with Apolo Anton Ohno, my family and I watched him compete in the Olympics, we saw the serious game face and stuff, but it's interesting to see what he's like off the ice. And Laila Ali, she's got a good personality, she can really move, and she's really quite pretty.

That's all I wanna say for now.

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