Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hardly an Idol Worshiper

Except for two seasons of The Amazing Race [the Linz and Aiello family were cool] and one of the Biggest Loser, I cannot stand "Reality" shows.

I wouldn't have cared less about American Idol except that I was in Oregon during 2004, calling home and being confused when Mom would start talking about someone named Jasmine and another named Camille. Who? They did what?!

Thus, I was dunked head-first into the world of AmIdol. Camille had something different to her and an evident local-personality. Jasmine cried like a girl but sang her heart out. Actually, I was more a fan of Camille only because Jasmine is similar in appearance to my friend JoyFul who had tried out that season. Those who know JoyFul know I 'aint lyin' when I say that the lady can out-sing anyone. She said her nerves got her at the audition and that's probably true 'cause JoyFul's not the type to seek out the spotlight, yet I would've bet she'd have been on the stage at the end with Fantasia. Maybe it wasn't her nerves; maybe the judges already let in a few Jasmines by then and JoyFul no longer "stood out".

Then I dropped out of the AmIdol loop. Either the big-D (my doctorate thesis) or a better show got my votes.

Then for some reason, out of my own volition, I watched AmIdol last year; maybe I was somewhat avoiding big-D. "Chicken Little" annoyed me to no end; I was waiting for him to cry. I liked Ace's falsetto and yes, sometimes I am attracted to the pretty boys. I tried voting a couple of times but never got through so gave up, but I was calling for Chris Daughtry [not another Chris! They're invading my life!] and for Katherine McPhee. I liked Chris rocking out and yes, sometimes I can appreciate a pretty girl [not in that way and not ever sexually but, like others, I have an appreciation for inner- and outer- beauty]. I just couldn't wrap my mind around Hicks on the show...I just can't...

This season, I caught a couple of the audition shows. I couldn't believe the mother and daughter with the floor-length hair; right now, my hair is the longest it has EVER been and reaches a little below the middle of my back when I straighten it. I like my long hair and feel very feminine, but I'm finding that it bothers me to have it get stuck under the straps if I have to carry a backpack and somewhat annoys me as I sleep 'cause I don't like sleeping on top of my hair and always brush it to the side but now that it's long, I have to brush it aside more often and... [ach, shut up about hair].

Oh, so for the auditions, I liked Chris Sligh [not another!], Antonella, Melinda, Phil Stacey, and Gina.

It's unfortunate about the Antonella picture thing, but as Simon said, she held up well after that [you will never find pics like that of me, they don't exist so don't even look].

I didn't vote during the top 24 and most likely won't vote at all for the top 12. I probably won't have to anyway 'cause Melinda's my front-runner and she blew it out the past few weeks! Her humility elevates her to unbelievable heights in my opinion. And I can relate to one of her video pieces; I could definitely use a personal stylist, one with an understanding and sensitivity of island life and my delicate skin.

I also like (surprise) rocker Gina. For the guys, I still like Phil and Chris Sligh. I also liked Blake mixing it up to 311's "All Mixed Up". I can't believe Randy and Paula didn't know it! Ahh, it takes me back to my CA days and all-night studio sessions with the Ripoll or driving around, getting lost in the Hills of Beverly with B-H at 3 in the morning... good times!

I'm sorry, what? Oh, so I commented in the previous entry about who I want off AI, here's what I said: Even though, like a good local, I am proud of our local people making the national stage, but Mom'll tell you that I don't support every single one JUST because they once lived in Hawaii. Case in point: that guy on AmIdol who lived in Kauai for four years and did a terribly fake tourist hula on his AmIdol video. I didn't vote for anyone yet, but I would've voted for him to be booted if I could've.

I still can't stand AmIdol. I can't stand Seacrest even more. What his kindergarten remarks to Simon have to do with anything on the show or as entertainment is beyond me. It's annoying. And isn't it great to make it to the top 24, do your best to sing your best, and have Paula tell you not to worry 'cause you're beautiful? Yes, sarcasm. It absolutely annoys me when she says something like that. I guess Idol's my thing I love to hate. If Mr. Hula makes it to the 10, I'm quitting.