Sunday, February 11, 2007


UH: No words are grand enough for the past season. It couldn't have been more perfect that Brennan became the QB after Chang. I was not a subscriber to Chang-mania. I wouldn't have cared either way until I personally saw him disrespecting an authority figure. Size may be hindering him in the NFL, but his attitude probably hurts his chances more.

I'm glad that Brennan is coming back for his senior year. He is well-deserving of all the blessings coming his way. Un-Chang-like, Brennan is humble, respectful, and he is sincere in his interviews. That is refreshing. No matter what is in his future, Hawaii will always be unabashedly proud to claim this young man.

And what about Leonard Peters as another leader of this talented team? How about playing with pain? How about that wild hair flowing from his helmet? I don't know what is more intimidating, the haka or the hair. For more on Peters, see [].

I also like Graunke for staying with the team even if he's not the starting QB just yet. If Brennan had gone to the NFL early, I would've looked forward to see what Graunke would do, how he would take charge. It's sort of the Young/Montana situation, not that Graunke is Young, but the attitude sounds familiar.

Are you getting the feeling of what I look for in players? Not just in football, but in any sport, I have no problem supporting a player that shows humility, passion, an awareness of the team aspect. A good indicator is if they will look the interviewer in the eyes and give sincere-sounding answers.

NFL: I've watched games here and there, mostly the Super Bowl and when my dad's Cowboys played. But this season, I made my first attempt to follow what was going on in the NFL.

Before, I wasn't settled on any one team. I was going to be good and follow the Cowboys, but the days of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin are gone. The point, this season, the names I could recognize were Bledsoe, Parcells, and Owens.

I am a Matt Leinart fan, mostly because of what I have seen of him on TV and in the newspapers. I appreciate someone who comes off as genuine and mature, someone who knows that football is a team sport, and Leinart has done that so far as I know. I can't speak about football in terms of athleticism, stats, and all of that because I don't know much about the technical parts. But really, someone who was the Heisman winner as a junior and came back for his senior year, that is something anyone can appreciate.

I didn't follow Leinart with the Cardinals. I think he'll do great things for his team in the next few years. He seems like someone that could gain his team's support.

In the end, I chose to follow the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, Peyton's commercials are funny. Yes, he's probably one of the most recognized faces of current NFL players. But I have no idea why I chose the Colts. I just did. Let's say that I've always liked horses, our middle school mascot was the mustang, and our school colors were blue and white.

This post would be a lot more interesting if I had started before the season. By now, Peyton has won the Super Bowl and the MVP. What part did I like best? It certainly wasn't the commercials, although the Chevy contest winner's one was good! But my winner is Coach Dungy's postgame speech, saying pretty much the same that he said at the annual Super Bowl breakfast.

“I’m very proud to be the first African American head coach in the Super Bowl along with my friend Lovie Smith,” Dungy said, “but more than that the fact you have two Christian coaches who show you can do things a different way.

“You have coaches who have firm Christian values, and the country and the world need to see that this week,” Dungy said. “I’m more proud of that than anything else.”

Lovie Smith is also a Christian coach, and with local boy Olin Kreutz on his team, I wouldn't have been disappointed if the Bears had won. But that I stuck with a team and they won, that definitely feels good!