Sunday, February 18, 2007

#12 UH vs. #14 USC, 2nd Match

Friday's article in the Honolulu Advertiser said that short-term fans have been dropping out of the season. Early season games don't draw huge crowds. Typically, Wednesday night games aren't a huge draw and this time, it was Valentine's Day. I'm not worried. If I had a boyfriend, it wouldn't have been Valentine's Day if he didn't take me to the volleyball game, but I'm not a short-term fan.

In other housekeeping, if you go to a game, certain rules of respect apply the same in volleyball as in any other sport. DO NOT rant on your opponents NOR cheer for your hometeam when someone is injured on the floor. It was disappointing and embarassing (because they were UH fans) when this happened while Juan Figueroa (USC, OH) was down on the floor for about a minute. It looked like he was seriously hurt. I thought he had landed on his back, could be, but now it looks like he injured his ankle. If I had been sitting behind the idiots making the noise at that time, somebody in the stands would've been hurting also, and it wouldn't be me.

And if you're a real fan, you might make a sign for your favorite player, maybe get some face time on TV, have him autograph it for you after the game, take a picture with him. But you DO NOT try to get his attention when he's at the service line. Most likely he won't hear you because he's concentrating on PLAYING THE GAME, but also, why would you try to distract your own guy on the court?

The garlic fries are still oh so ONO! and another silly thing: Pavlovich and Anderson (USC) are rather good-looking (that's in for "Apple"), but we still have the best looking team!

And what else? WE WON Friday's match in 4! It was exciting! At several points in the game, one wouldn't be sure of who would win, but our guys kept it together and pulled it out! Including an all-out, knock-down, full-drive rally in game 4 with guys on the floor and a sweet Jim Clar (OH) assist to a Beckwith (S) kill from behind the 3-meter line for the point!

Player of the match for UH was Brian Beckwith, whom I think deserves it a lot more times than he gets it. Take note of Dante's stats, He did just what he was supposed to(and maybe a little more), blocking at the net, making a killing at the net, and throw in a few key digs (too bad only 3 counted for the official stats). Also, Jim Clar for that great set to Beckwith, a thrilling block solo stopping Anderson at the net in game 2, and 20 kills.

But the whole team made good improvements and adjustments during the match and are starting to play like the team we're used to watching, serving and passing better. Didn't I say I wasn't worried?

(Picture from Honolulu Advertiser, Sat, Feb 17, 2007)