Monday, December 18, 2006

Finding Peace

By now one could tell that I like to talk about faith. It's a topic that everyone has an opinion on even if they don't think they do. It's a topic that is close to my heart.

If you have read my previous post [I Should Have Called This], I said that my faith in God has been my survival. He is my saving grace. He gives me peace.

Everyone finds their peace in different ways and in different things. I have looked into other faiths as objectively as I can, not to test God or Christianity, but to strengthen my own faith. I wonder how people come to their faith, especially atheists, because I think that any faith, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, is better than having no faith, or a faith in Science alone.

But have atheists studied both sides enough to be so certain to believe in no god at all? Is it that agnostics can't make up their minds either way or that they don't care to try?

Because any question about faith and life that I have had has been answered by Christianity. I find it interesting that people who were Christians and then decided to be atheists usually do so because they think that God has failed them. Some tragic thing happens, or they asked God for something, and they heard no answer, they felt no presence. I wonder if they prayed. I wonder what they prayed for and how. I wonder if they were patient.

When I was little and believed in Santa Claus, I didn't stop believing in him because I didn't get what I wanted. And any tragedy in my own life has been easier to go through because of God. I am not always patient, and I'm never sure if I'm praying for the things I ought to, but I won't stop trying.

I read a lot of books and I really like Lee Strobel's The Case For... books [Faith, Christ, Creator]. Strobel covers a lot of ground in his books, asking questions that religious and non-religious both ask from time to time. Every so often, Strobel will ask a question that I think, hmmm, that's true, what about that? Does Christianity have an answer for that? hmmm, doesn't that make more sense? But the Christian scholars always give a reasonable answer.

I suppose I wonder if there is anything more solid, unchanging, more logical than a belief in Christ.