Thursday, December 7, 2006

Can't Turn My Eyes/Ears Away

I cannot get my head around politics, and it is difficult to know which source(s) are reliable, but with so much going on in the recent elections, I decided I would make my best effort to really understand what my vote says.

Around August, I don't remember exactly how it came, I watched the O'Reilly Factor. I am hooked. I do not always know if Bill O'Reilly [BO] is right, but he voices a lot of the thoughts I have about certain issues. And in continuing to watch, I get the sense that I can really trust what he says. I will probably be mentioning segments of his show often.

I try to keep up with the day's issues, but sometimes it is too much.

Today for example, O'Reilly read viewer emails about this yound girl being used on the internet to promote anti-religious propaganda. BO called this child abuse and brainwashing. One viewer wrote something to the effect that children in religious households are brainwashed also.

I grew up in a Christian household, and is it not a shame that I was "brainwashed" into being a good student, a hard worker, and to be kind and considerate of others? Isn't that a shame?

I am very grateful to Mr.O for standing up for traditional values that have made this country great. I am emboldened to stand up for my Christian values. I am not always sure that I am right, but what I believe comes from a good place, from caring for people.