Friday, December 8, 2006

Breaking Down Online

I had been resisting having a blog site for many reasons. First, I can't stand computers. They are too smart for our good. They always know when we absolutely need them and pick those crucial times to have their own break downs, go to sleep, or have fun at our expense. I generally do not trust them.

Second, the internet is evil for the fact that it makes it too easy for someone like me to hide from the rest of the world. I can say that I KIT with people, but I really don't. Emails and Myspace only make me think that I am. I thrive best on personal, face-to-face interaction.

Third, I can't stand the word "blog." It just feels like a trainwreck in my mouth. It does not simply roll off my tongue. "Weblog" as one word is even worse. Hmm, that will be one of the things on my list, "think of better word to use instead of 'blog.'"

Fourth, the computer screen hurts my eyes. It makes me tired.

Five, I am paranoid about certain things. For instance, I'm thinking right now that I can't show anyone this site because I've said things that they are going to take the wrong way and will never let me explain myself or correct the misunderstanding. I'm thinking that only perverts and identity thieves are going to find my site. Wait, maybe I have nothing to worry about there 'cuz I'm not as outwardly beautiful as I once was, I'm too old and intelligent to become a target for pedophiles, and the identity thieves will find that my identity is useless. Ahh, breathing easy...

Sixth, I ramble too much online that it can be annoying. See now, in person, I am rather quiet and private, but at least not AS annoying.

So despite my best efforts, I got curious and here I am. Again, I blame Jules. Not really.